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              Organza Sheer Ribbon
              Material: 100% nylon
              Style:from S01 to S03, from S05 to S33, a total of 28 styles, customer’s designs are acceptable
              Width: from 1/8" to 4"
              Color: 84 colors of organza sheer ribbon in usual stock, customer’s colors are acceptable
              Application: often used as embellishments for wedding invitations, flowers, headdress and other wedding accessories, also used in hotel decoration, home textiles, gift packing and as trim for evening gowns, cocktail dresses and children's clothing
              Features: high quality, bright color, good shape, fine texture, and high fastness to wet and dry rubbing
              Process Description: these high quality organza sheer ribbons are made of 100% premium quality nylon yarn, using the world’s best dye stuff --“Clariant”, dyed at high temperature and all meet environmental standards, also there’re different printing process on the basic of different ribbons, such as silk-screen printing, hot-stamping, puff printing, foam printing, heat-transfer printing 



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